OSCON 2013 – See you there.

I will be attending the 2013 OSCON Open Source Convention July 22-26 at the Oregon Convention Center.

Here are a few of the Workshops and Classes I plan to attend:

R Predictive Analytics Workshop

Ray DiGiacomo, Jr. (Lion Data Systems, LLC)

This hands-on workshop will provide the attendee an introduction to R, an open-source statistical computing environment that some say is even more powerful and flexible than SAS and SPSS. Additionally, the session will also provide and introduction to predictive analytics theory and R’s ability to apply predictive analytics theory to real-world situations.

Introduction to Apache Hadoop

by Tom Wheeler (Cloudera, Inc.)

This tutorial will present a mix of lecture and instructor-led demonstrations to explain what Apache Hadoop is and why it’s becoming a standard for large-scale data storage and processing.

Solr Quick Start

by Erik Hatcher (LucidWorks)

The “Solr Quick Start” tutorial covers the following topics:

  • Introducing Solr and Lucene
  • Installing and running Solr
  • Indexing your data
  • Configuring the schema
  • Surveying Solr’s features
  • Tuning and scaling
  • Integrating into your applications

Neo4j Tutorial

by Peter Neubauer (Neo Technology)

This tutorial covers the core functionality of the Neo4j graph database. With a mixture of theory and hands-on practice sessions, attendees will quickly learn how easy it is to develop a Neo4j-backed application.


OSCON 2013



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